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Good Governance — two little words full of meaning that should be at the heart of all the work undertaken by your organisation’s committee and subcommittees.

The Good Governance Health Check contained within this online portal guides you through the essential concepts, principles and activities needed to ensure a healthy and productive organisation. Most incorporated associations are small and driven by volunteers. They often have limited resources and are in need of practical guidance to meet the many challenges of the modern not-for-profit environment.

The health check will give you a snapshot of your association’s governance health status and will identify areas where improvement is needed. Levels of understanding and familiarity may vary amongst your committee members, but the health check can be applied to any incorporated entity.

Once you’ve completed the health check, you’ll have access to 11 online modules full of tips, techniques, templates and examples to help your organisation on its governance journey. 

Just follow the three steps on the home page to get started today. 

Legal stuff

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In Queensland, as an incorporated association, most organisations will be subject to the Associations Incorporations Act and its Regulations. The relevant Government regulator is known as the Office of Fair Trading. There is substantial information available on their website about the legal aspects of both the Act and its Regulations. During the service of this guide, it is possible that some information may change to reflect changes in the legislation. We have added some important links here for you to easily remain up to date.

Helpful links

Incorporated Associations Smart Business Guide – A must for your association, on the laws and how they apply to you in simple to understand terms

Associations Incorporations Act 1981 – For rules about running an association

Associations Incorporation Regulation 1999 – Includes requirements for Rules and Model Rules

Office of Fair Trading Queensland – For information about your responsibilities

Australian Charities & Not-for-profits Commission – For organisations that are registered charities

Australian Taxation Office – To keep up to date with changes in tax law

Department of Justice OFT Fundraising – For information on raffles and donations

Australian Consumer Law – For claims you make in advertising and to 'sell' membership and activities

Workplace Health & Safety Queensland – For your obligations to members, staff and volunteers

Fair Work Ombudsman – When volunteers are bullied

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